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In praise of good clean family fun

Ah, the joy of a family night of fun board games played at the dining table! From Chutes and Ladders to Monopoly, through Tripoly and Clue, to Stratego, Risk, and Battleship, board games are just plain fun.

When we were youngsters, our movies were books and our game consoles were stored in boxes on the closet shelves. I recently rediscovered this joy with my seven-year-old granddaughter. We made a decision to watch tv less and spend more time doing things that encouraged conversation and personal interaction. It was a great decision. We spent the summer working puzzles, reading books together, and playing games at the dining room table. I now know which girls in her class giggle too much, which boys will chase you on the playground, and how much homework “they” expect her to get done. I also had the pleasure of watching my really smart, very funny granddaughter become a card shark.

All of this together time took me back to my childhood. We never really had to decide to watch less television. We only got three channels and my father’s interests ran the gamut from the news to football. Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, and Joe Namath pretty well dominated the airwaves at our house. The Philco belonged to Daddy. So we played outside in the sunshine and played inside when the rains came or nightfall drove us indoors. I can still sense the feeling of sitting around the kitchen table on a cold night with my brothers and sister and sometimes my parents, the smell of goodies cooking, the laughter swelling with the ups and downs of game play. I remember so clearly knowing the warmth and comfort of my place in the family. And all of this is connected in my mind with the delightful fun of board games.

Board Games for Adults can be fun!

Board Games for ADULTS??? Okay, “for Adults” doesn’t have to mean “for Adults,” if you know what I mean.

Seriously, most of us just want to have some good conversation, good company, and good clean fun when we socialize. What better way to enjoy the company of friends than with a peaceable evening spent playing a game or two. Put on a pot of coffee, heat up some banana bread or a coffee cake, and pull out a crowd-pleasing board game.

Pictionary is a terrific game. I have a friend who guesses the picture from a straight line. Honest. I have trouble identifying a photograph, so they wait until I’m out of the room to choose teams. I’m much better at Scattergories. And Trivial Pursuit. I am a font of useless knowledge.

How about you? Are you a brain? Maybe Cranium or Scrabble are to your liking. If your ability lies in strategy you may prefer Chess or Mastermind. Backgammon and Yahtzee both utilize a combination of strategy and fortune. There’s always Clue if you’re a sneaky son-of-a-gun or if you harbor suspicions and conspiracy theories. Old reliable Monopoly lets you practice getting wiped out financially. And for all of you would-be Kings of the World, it’s hard to beat Risk for world domination.

There are lots more. Pick a favorite board game or two and call the crew. The adult crew. Adults – grown-ups – having fun just playing some board games. Hanging out. You know you want to. It’s been too long since the last get-together.

Teens want to have a little board game fun, too.

Fun board games for teens just sounds like you’re trying too hard. Really. But you’re not. Young people are just people. They have friends. They like to do things with the people they like. They get tired of trying to say the right thing, wear the right clothes, hang with the right crowd. Heck, they get tired of just trying to figure out what all of that is. They need some easy-going time with no big consequences – just a chance to slow down a bit now and then. Offer them a board game party.

Risk, Yahtzee, Pictionary, Scattergories, Trivial Pursuit – all of these lend themselves to team play. Trivial Pursuit comes in a number of variations, so if they’re big Lord of the Rings fans, go with that one.

They will, however, play with a different intensity than their parents. “Soorrryyy” could take on a whole new meaning at your house. Player pieces may well be slapped around the board with more energy than one might expect. The Game of Life could be assigned choices not listed in the rules. Scene It will cause them to monopolize the television while Monopoly will give them time to take over the refrigerator. Who cares? They’re home, at your house, laughing like crazy and having more fun than they ever thought. No keggers, no missing parents, no car trouble – just friends and food and fun. Even teens have fun with board games.

And how about the children? Do they have any fun playing board games? Mayybeee.

The foundation of board games: children’s board games. I’m talking heart of childhood, elementary school, make a game out of everything age group. They make their own board games. They play board games at school when the weather is bad. They play board games all summer long in the floor, usually in the doorway to the kitchen. They just play. So what do they play?

Old stand-bys are still loved. Checkers and Chess are easily obtained and only take two people. Monopoly can take an entire afternoon and even then may not end with a clear winner. There’s a Monopoly Jr. now that is perfect for beginning readers and only takes about thirty minutes to play.

Sorry and Trouble, with it’s great Pop-O-Matic dice tumbler, remain crowd favorites. The Game of Life has become pretty convoluted, but kids still like to play it. Mouse Trap is fun to build and has the added value of a half ho

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Board video games With cool animated film Characters

There are a number of specific animated characters, popular to youngsters and adults alike, that have made the transition from the display screen to one of a kind board games. even as this is truly more famous with kid’s characters and video games alike, it has occurred in an grownup capability as well. every so often, those characters are given their very own game in which gamers can revel in the journey, and at different times, they are given a platform in an already current game. no matter the circumstances, however, those characters are able to provide gamers with the identical familiar comfort they generally do, handiest faraway from any type of display.Many one of a kind caricature characters are extremely popular with kids, from Dora the Explorer, to Spongebob Squarepants, to traditional Disney characters. those video games, generally geared for more youthful kids, regularly assist them to analyze one-of-a-kind competencies. The Dora the Explorer board recreation, as an example, permits the players to race along the board via spinning the map and shifting the suitable number of spaces. in the course of the trek, every player will want to resolve exceptional puzzles and avoid jogging into Swiper the Fox. some of special puzzles are available throughout the game and on every occasion a recreation is performed, the gamers can experience a special set of demanding situations. alongside the way, possibilities are even given for gamers to examine a few specific terms in Spanish, enriching their vocabulary!Spongebob Squarepants features prominently with a number of unique board games. now not simplest does this eccentric individual characteristic in board games of original layout, in which gamers can race alongside a board that enables train children the variations among colorations, shapes, and and different kinds of vital wondering, but he is featured in unique variations of classic games which are already nicely loved. Spongebob variations of each Monopoly and Operation can be discovered, giving players a a laugh twist with regards to sport play.Disney characters are every other widely spread instance of caricature characters that can be discovered in a variety of board video games. both the enduring Disney Princesses can be found as well as some of the most beloved heroes, in an expansion of formats. Disney Princesses can be determined having versions in the whole thing from Dominoes to memory card games, Monopoly Junior versions to their own specialised DVD board video games. Scene It, the popular DVD recreation featuring distinctive trivialities aspects approximately film clips, has both a special Disney individual version as well as a great % addition. each Sorry and Trivial Pursuit feature variations which focus exclusively on Disney characters, giving all of us a big possibility to revel in a board gaming journey with their preferred Disney Princesses, Heroes, and Villains.Board video games with cool animated film characters aren’t totally focused on children, but. There are some cartoons in media greater themed for adults, together with The Simpsons or circle of relatives man, and both of these suggests have a number of board games attributed to them. each video games have variants of Monopoly to be had as well as special minutiae sport codecs available. cool animated film characters are regularly a conventional a part of popular culture and this can be effortlessly visible via the availability in which they’re present in different kinds of media and merchandise, specially with board games. Any character which can be featured in a board game has proven their staying electricity inside the constantly converting area of cutting-edge tradition.

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